Momentum is always building… Use it or loose it!

8/25/2015 Tuesday 2:06 PM

Momentum is a funny thing.  It’s always building. Funny thing about it is, most people don’t feel it in their lives because they are not looking for it.  Here is a recent personal real life example of how I built and felt momentum in my life that might be able to help you identify where you can do the same in your life:

-Three days ago: laying in bed feeling the manifestation of what I want to accomplish in life as if it already happened.  When I do this, ideas freely flow through my head, when one is noteworthy I write it down in Evernote immediately.  When the idea of doing my own summit-type event came into my head, the possibilities just seemed to keep flowing.  Not all of them are going to come to fruition, but that’s not the important part.  What is important is that I allowed my creativity to keep flowing.  I thought of a location, partners, and potential guests all before I fell asleep.  A lesson learned from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad: Always ask “How,” never say “Can’t.”  **Side Note: See what I just did there? Without trying to, I just now learned one way to incorporate sellable products in my blog to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.  Do I know much about affiliate marketing? NO. Do I need to in order to test, try, failure, and learn? NO.  Am I building momentum? YES.**

-Two days ago: I texted the person who can help me secure a venue for my event to set up a quick meeting to pitch the idea and catch up regarding his ventures.  We worked something out for the upcoming week within 10 minutes.  Now I was committed to telling someone else who could help push my idea forward.  This is important!  You want to make sure to include people in your ideas that will encourage you and play devils advocate to make your ideas better.  You DO NOT want to tell people who will shut you down and tell you your idea is dumb and too lofty.  You should remove those people from your group of influence, they are dead weight to your success.

-Today: I met with my friend to catch up and talk about my idea.  This meeting accomplished many things all at once. 1) I got to catch up with a good friend who is up to equally cool things. 2) I planted seeds for future partnerships.  3) We committed to a date to hold a focus group for my event.  Now the ball is moved forward and there is someone else I am accountable to in addition to myself.

After the meeting I could literally feel the energy and momentum inside my mind and body.  Call it holistic BS if you want, but for me it was real.  Now THAT’S how you build and use momentum!

Until next time, stay grinding and always remember… Why Not Us?!

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