5 Years to an Overnight Success

Hello World!

Thank you for reading and welcome to my blog!  The purpose of the Why Not Us blog is twofold:

  1. To document my entrepreneurial journey and provide insight into the reasons I am succeeding and failing in accomplishing my goals.
  2. Provide valuable tools and inspiration to my readers so you can live consciously and create your ideal life.

Now, I have to be honest from the beginning.  I have been putting this off for a long time because I was afraid and didn’t know where to begin.  I didn’t think my writing was good enough or that I would have anything to write about.  I don’t know how to blog.  The list goes on and on.  At the end of the day, I was focusing too much on VISION without actually IMPLEMENTING what I was learning or taking ACTION on what I was planning.  That changes now.  I’m going to start with a quick self assessment so we both know where I stand now, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and what specifically I am setting out to accomplish.

Status Update: Living in Oakland, CA in my company HQ, Plural Music.  I quit my job at Yelp and do Lyft/Uber to make money while I work on creating a sustainable income from both Plural Music and my personal development brand Why Not Us.

Strengths: An incredible work ethic, high level of self discipline and awareness, ability to maximize willpower energy, vision and success orientated mindset, dedication to continuous and lifelong learning/development,

Weaknesses: A temper fuse that breaks after sustained breakdown of mental energy, a strong inferiority complex – my mind is always focused on success in the future so when I see that I don’t currently have what I want I force myself to work harder because I don’t yet have what I view as “successful” people having (i.e. money).  This makes is hard for me to be happy with what I have in the current moment.  Too much focus trying to learn as much as possible about personal development without taking the time needed to implement learnings in an effective way.

Goals: I have many goals but I am going to lay out in this post the two overarching goals for both Plural Music and Why Not Us.  In future posts I will break down more specifically the sub goals intended to push the major goals forward.

  1. Make Plural Music a $1,000,000 business by July 31st 2020.
  2. Make Why Not Us a $1,000,000 business by July 31st 2020.

Should be fun right? 🙂

Commitment this community: Write one blog post a week summarizing what I focused on in the week, how I succeeded, how I failed, and what you can take away from my experience.

Weekly Take-a-way: I know there is something that you REALLY want to do but haven’t yet. Maybe you’re afraid of failure, what people will think, have an inferiority complex like me, etc.  Whatever it is, FUCK IT.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Action in the exact direction of your fear is the best way to tackle it.  For example, this blog… I honestly have no idea how to blog but I did it anyways.  And now that I did it once and have made the commitment to myself and to you, I’m actually excited about it now because I overcame my fear and the hardest step is over!

See you next week! And remember… WHY NOT US!


One thought on “5 Years to an Overnight Success

  1. C McLerran says:

    I really like that catch phrase “Momentum is always building…Use it or lose it!” Truer words have never been written. I think we’re on the same page with regards to a positive outlook is the first step, but not the last. Next comes the movement up the staircase. I look forward to reading your coming topics Mr.Barnes!


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